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We pride ourselves in our ability to nurture new talent and strongly believe that our long term success lies in the young people of today. With that in mind, we welcome young interns on our worksites and in our functional and technical departments at head office. We provide interns with the education they need to be safe and successful at all times on the job. We also support them in professional development, from mentoring, to industry certifications and to on-the-job training for craft development. We, at Paradise Residencia & Khyber Construction Company, enjoy seeing success in others. We encourage our employees to be the best they can be and to grow both personally and professionally. Part of this professional development includes participation in training, professional accreditation or certifications, and industry events. Many of our employees also actively participate in industry associations, which provide valuable resources for industry changes, best practices, and networking opportunities.The success of each individual employee leads to the success of our project teams and the entire company, creating a win-win situation.